A Message From Rabbi Yonatan During Protective Edge

We in the South of Israel have been living under difficult conditions for several weeks already. We do not know from day to day what will be: would the authorities allow our summer camp to be held? How many sirens, rockets and trips to the bomb shelter will we make? How many soldiers will die in battle? We are all in deep mourning over the loss of life. It is difficult to function under such stress and uncertainty. Yet, we remain strong and determined, working tirelessly as a congregation to take care of each other and reach out to help others in need. We recently sent off a van full of basic supplies collected by our Kehillah, Magen Avraham, to soldiers on the front; I visited Sherri’s Home for abused children to tell stories, sing songs and pray with them. We have put together some critical relief programs for the Kehillah and for the kids at our summer camp, including a visit from Amichai Lau-Lavi (Storahtellling)who entertained 100 children with his amazing talent for telling Bible stories. We even organized a Saturday evening concert featuring the fabulous musician Gabriel Meyer Halevy, during which we all sang together and prayed for peace. The Masorti Movement in Israel has been amazingly supportive, providing emergency funding for our efforts. We are grateful for all the help we have received from them, our Kehillot abroad and from individuals who have so generously reached out to us. We feel that so many of our brothers and sisters are united with us in our struggle and appreciate all of your prayers, support, love and contributions.
Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff
Kehillat Magen Avraham, Omer

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