Dedicated Funds

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There are naming opportunities on our Donor Plaque for donations of $1000 or more.
  1. General Fund
  2. The Lora Tzedaka Fund
  3. Building Fund – Funds repairs, replacements and renovations in the congregation's buildings.
  4. Summer Day Camp  Scholarship Fund – provides full scholarships for children of new immigrant or needy families living in Beer-Sheva to attend our Day Camp.
  5. Rabbinic Internship Scholarship Fund – provides stipends annually for two rabbinic students from the Schechter Rabbinical Seminary in Jerusalem who receive  training at Magen Avraham in congregational rabbinical skills.
  6. Rabbi's Discretionary Fund – used for charitable purposes and maintained confidentially. 
  7. Dor L'Dor  Youth Fund – In memory of Frayda (Gila) Shapiro –funding for youth activities and scholarships .
  8. Prayer Book Fund – In Memory of Phil Bernstein – for purchasing new "siddurim" and "sifrei kodesh".
  9. Special Needs Bar/Bat Mitzvah Fund – Magen Avraham covers the salary of one teacher and hosts the moving Bar/Bat mitzvah ceremony at Magen Avraham for children from a special needs school in Beer-Sheva.
  10. Kopelowitz Tzedaka Fund – to assist individuals and families in need.
  11. Tzedaka Fund in memory of Sidney and David Loeb
  12. March of the Living Scholarship Fund – In memory of Sonia and Yehiel Shedler that provides financial assistance to high school students attending the annual trip to Poland.  
  13. Memorial Plaques – in memory of a loved one, placed on the memorial board in Magen Avraham . (contact: )
  14. Sheri's House – A home in Beer-Sheva for children who have been removed by court order from their parent's homes. We provide new clothing and gifts on the holidays and answer special requests.

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