NOAM is the youth movement of the Israeli Masorti/Conservative Movement. It was started over 30 years ago and today boasts about 20 branches with 2,500 members throughout the country.  NOAM seniors (18 year olds) also join Nahal groups and/or volunteer in the community as part of their military service.

Noam’s guiding principles are:
  • Torah study and observance while accommodating contemporary transformations in Judaism
  • Helping others, tolerance, respect for minorities and action for peace
  • Striving for an egalitarian, just and democratic society
  • Settling and developing Israel, service to society, military service, nature preservation
  • Fun!

The Magen Avraham Congregation has an active NOAM branch with groups for elementary school children starting in the third grade, a group for middle school students, a group of counselors for 9th graders and a high-school student group. The branch’s activities are relevant to Israeli society as well as simply fun. Our students also take part in the national NOAM activities, such as the Passover, Hanukah and Sukkot hiking trips. The highlight of the year for many is the NOAM summer camp.

Regular NOAM activities for the next school year will resume during September. 


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