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Magen Avraham is a Conservative Jewish congregation affiliated with the Masorti Movement. Our congregation believes in pluralistic and egalitarian Judaism open to all people whoever they are. Our goal is to uphold the great Jewish traditions and at the same time to question, revive and modernize .  In the contemporary world spirituality can be expressed in prayer, education and giving, as well as through community involvement. We believe that inclusive, respectful and modern Judaism can unite Jews in Israel and around the world. 


About 15 families some native born Israelis and some new immigrants founded Congregation Magen Avraham in 1972. With the help of the Conservative Movement in Israel and the Omer Municipal Council, our first services were held on Rosh Hashana 1973, in a classroom at the Omer public school.
Rabbi Michael Graetz was invited to be our first rabbi and help us achieve our vision. We envisioned having family services and celebrations on Shabbat and holidays, preparing children for Bar/Bat Mitzvah, and eventually finding a way to impart Jewish pluralistic values to our children and to our community.
The challenge was to achieve our vision without government support, which is granted to all Orthodox synagogues, but not to Conservative and Reform congregations. With help from our friends and family both in Israel and abroad we have managed, in 1986, to build a building that houses our main sanctuary, a Beit Midrash (which was built earlier, in 1980), a kitchen and offices. The Omer Municipal Council allocated the property on which Magen Avraham stands today.
In 2007 we added the Rosen-Spitz Activity Building which allows us to run an after-school center for almost 100 children, in grades 1-3, as well as a summer day camp.  This building is also our community center, offering activities open to all of Omer residents.
Under the 30 year leadership of Rabbi Michael Graetz, who took some time off to help found the Masorti Movement in Israel, we have become a flagship Masorti congregation in Israel. With his guidance we studied and decided to embrace egalitarian services.  Today, many of our women are accomplished Torah and Haftorah readers. 
Raba Tamar Elad-Applebaum served as our rabbi in the years 2005 to 2007.
Rabbi Gil Nativ was our rabbi in the years 2007 to 2012.
 Rabbi Yonatan Sadoff was our rabbi in the years 2012-2017.
From 2017 our rabbi is Rabbi Dikla Drukman Shertzer 

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 Congregation Magen Avraham ,  Marganit 20, Omer, Israel Zip: 84965, Tel. 08-6460424, Fax: 08-6467321, Email: info@magenav.org

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