Overseas Membership

Become overseas members of Magen Avraham and feel a part of what is happening in a Masorti/Conservative Congregation in Israel.

Join us for high holidays (free seats). Visit us in Omer and receive home hospitality from our members.  Send greetings, congratulations, or condolences to family and friends via our Zedaka Fund card program (by giving a small donation). Receive our newsletter.

Overseas annual membership at Congregation Magen Avraham is $180.

1. Mail a check directly to Magen Avraham
2. Pay via the Masorti Foundation.
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 Congregation Magen Avraham ,  Marganit 20, Omer, Israel Zip: 84965, Tel. 08-6460424, Fax: 08-6467321, Email: info@magenav.org

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